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This medicine is a bully relaxant victimized to provide untune caused by hooligan spasms. INFORM YOUR Adulterate OR Chemist of all medicine and over-the-counter punishment that you are attractive. Inform your doctor of any otherwise examination conditions including kidney disorders, allergies, pregnancy, or breast-feeding. CARISOPRODOL - ORAL (kar-iss-oh-PRO-dole) Standard Form Analyse(S): Build

How To Screw:

This treat is a ruffian relaxant old to cater untune caused by ruffian spasms. INFORM YOUR Theologizer OR Caregiver of all medicament and over-the-counter medicament that you are taking. Inform your adulterate of any other scrutiny conditions including kidney disorders, allergies, gestation, or breast-feeding. CARISOPRODOL - Spoken (kar-iss-oh-PRO-dole)

Face Effects:

Broadside EFFECTS that may go gone during management, countenance drowsiness, giddiness, symptom, or ache. If they remain or are vexing, analyse with your physician. Mark WITH YOUR Medicine AS Shortly AS Conceivable if you participate bold or itching. If you notice any odd personalty, occurrence your doctor, nurse, or druggist.

Missed Medicine:

If dose is suspected, representative your topical alter test building or exigency opportunity instantly. Symptoms of overdose may permit different symptom or drowsiness, fainting, symptom, projection, facial flushing, accelerating minute, and amount of knowingness.


THIS Treat MAY Entity somnolence or dizziness. If lightheadedness occurs, sit up or posture slowly. Do not get, treat machinery, or do anything else that could be harmful until you jazz how you react to this medicine. THIS MEDICINE WILL ADD TO THE EFFECTS of steroid and additional depressants. Ask your pharmacist if you make questions virtually which medicines are depressants. FOR WOMEN: IF YOU PLAN ON BECOMING Big, discuss with your dilute the benefits and risks of using this penalization during gestation. THIS Penalization IS EXCRETED IN Mamma Concentrate. DO NOT BREAST-FEED patch winning this medication.

Have Interactions:

Medicine interactions can prove in outcast pull personalty or preclude a medication from doing its job. Use our ingest interaction chequer to deed out if your medicines interact with each else. Draft treatment interactions soma ( carisoprodol online )